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About Us

Boys Brigade (known as BB) is a Christian Organisation, with an action packed program geared for kiwi kids.
A place where young guys can grow in an environment which is meaningful, friendly and purposeful.
BB uses positive role modeling and operates with the highest standards of integrity for it's members.

About the BB program
We offer a dynamic program, up to date suited for boys aged 6 - 18 years. 
All our programs work on the following basic principles:
- Learning New Skills
- Developing Confidence
- Teamwork and Friendship
- Building Leadership
- Introduce Christian Values
- Promote Personal Growth
- Having Fun

Mission Statement

In partnership with our church, we will lifecoach young people by providing positive Christian role models
who lead fun-filled, creative weekly activities 
within a balanced program that is both skills and values based.  This will occur at both a preventitive and intervening point in young people's lives.

Other Similar Organisations
Finally the are some who wonder the difference between us and other similar organisations
Boys Brigade is the oldest Organisation of it's type. It is the Original Creation, 
started by William Alexander Smith in 1883. (He Later became Sir William Alexander Smith). 

The second oldest organisation is the Scouts, started by Lord Baden-Powell in 1908.
In addition, there are many other similar organisations both here in New Zealand and internationally. 
Most have an uniform, have similar activities, and can earn awards and badges by getting involved in the program. We all work to develop boys in all areas of life.
Our Story
In 1883 in Glasgow, Scotland, William Smith, a Sunday school teacher , was having difficulties teaching the boys at Sunday School.  He found the boys were often noisy and sometimes struggled to get the boys to settle down and work together.
(Does this sound familar at all?)

At the time, Smith worked part time in the military and had no difficulty there, getting young men to work together in an atmosphere of discipline and order.

Then one day he had an idea. If the Boys in the Sunday School were as well trained and behaved like those under a system of discipline and order, then he would be able to teach them.

The Boys’ Brigade was started and the first meeting was held on the 4th October, 1883.

Sir William Alexander Smith
Founder of Boys Brigade

Boys enjoyed it so much, that soon other Companies were formed in Scotland and then spread to the rest of
the world. Originally this was for boys aged 12 to 17 however many boys of younger ages became interested,
and the organisation expanded to take boys of younger ages. 

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The advancement of Christ's kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect
and all that tends towards a true christian manliness.