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The Anchor Boys
( 6 & 7 years of age)

What do the Anchor Boys do?
Anchor Boys meets at 6:00pm for an hour each Monday evening to have lots of fun doing different activities which includes making things, crafts, games, sports, going on visits and making friends.
All of this is done as part of a balanced programme that is designed to keep them interested.

What difference does Anchor Boys make?
Children of this age are developing rapidly. There are big changes in a child's mental, emotional, social and physical development. However, all children are different and have a variety of needs.
The relationships formed with children at this age can be important in assisting them to achieve a sound sense of personal and group identity.

The Anchor Boys program provides a wide variety of different activities including:

Learning new skills: Were always doing new arts & crafts. In addition, we have fun games and activities.
Building Confidence: Arts & Crafts gives opportunities to do things for themselves.
Developing physical skills: We play lots of games, some are low key, others assist in co-ordination, catching a ball, balancing and gymnastics.
Working as a group: belonging to a group and taking part in group activities
Developing a consideration of others: learning to share and co-operate with each other.
Developing a personal identity: learning about how we are all different and unique
Spiritual Development: Learning a bit about who Jesus is and some basic Christian values.

Interested in what Brigade has to offer?
Wed be pleased to offer more information, simply click here and fill out a very simple form.  Or alternatively
you can contact the Captain, Brian Best on (06) 356 1974.

2nd Palmerston North BB Company
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The advancement of Christ's kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect
and all that tends towards a true christian manliness.